3 Perks of Owning a Garage Door Opener

Look no further for garage door opener installation experts in Milford & Uxbridge, MA

Garage door openers are no longer a luxury for homeowners in the Milford & Uxbridge, MA area. Maietta and Sons, Inc. provides affordable garage door opener installation services and can recommend budget-friendly products.

No more getting out of your car in the bitter cold or pouring rain to open your garage door. Consider garage door opener features like...

  1. Built-in Wi-Fi or smartphone compatibility if you'd like to open your garage doors with an app.
  2. Backup batteries if you want to get in and out of your garage when the power goes out.
  3. Motion-sensing security lights if you'd like to see where you're going.
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Take advantage of new garage door opener features

Take advantage of new garage door opener features

Garage door openers have likely gotten more high-tech since you last purchased one. Feel free to ask us for help comparing your garage door opener replacement options.

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