DIY Garage Door Repair Might Not Solve Your Issue

Rely on the pros in Milford & Uxbridge, MA for help

Dealing with a broken garage door can be frustrating, but avoid the temptation to fix it yourself. Propping open your garage door is a security risk, and fiddling with hardware can lead to injuries. Garage door repair is best left to the pros in Milford & Uxbridge, MA.

Maietta and Sons, Inc. will have your garage door working as good as new in no time. Contact us today for garage door repair services if...

  • Your garage door has come off its tracks.
  • You or your teenager backed the car into the garage door.
  • Your garage door squeals or shakes when opening or closing.
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Keep your fingers away from the tracks

Keep your fingers away from the tracks

No matter how simple video tutorials make it seem, garage door track repair is difficult and dangerous. We've got decades of experience and know how to resolve issues like bent tracks and loose rollers.

You'll be glad you relied on our Milford, MA-based company for garage door track repair. Call 508-400-7100 today to make an appointment.